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and we spend within our budget. >> martin o'malley, who beat urlich by half a dozen points wasted no time hitting back. >> and the fact of the matter is, that our government is actually smaller now than it was when the former governor was an incumbent. general fund spending has been reduced by 3% under the o'malley administration. >> giving o'malley the edge, but just a slight one. >> i'm scott broome in north laurel where there were two shootings just moments apart last night. today police said they are not related. >> one of the shootings happened outside paul's door just before 1:00 a.m. it involved teenage boys. >> heard fireworks before, the pop, pop, pop, but this was louder. >> a 16-year-old fell to the sidewalk with a critical wound in the back. another boy was shot in the face. meanwhile, less than a mile and a half away and just two minutes later, a fight was
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breaking out between two groups of men near this trailer park. two men age 26 and 32 were struck in the legs by gunfire and survived. howard county's police chief says the coincidences are remarkable, but no evidence that they are related. >> i'm lindsey in northwest washington. two students are here in police custody after bringing a bb gun on campus. this was the scene this morning. along with two other schools on the national cathedral campus were placed on lockdown for 40 minutes. >> we all just closed the doors and windows. >> police took two students into custody. >> we identified two persons at the time. >> many students didn't want to talk about the incident on camera, but they tell 9news now, this may be a misunderstanding and the two who were taken into custody are good students. >> yeah, both really good. >> one of the students is 18
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years old. she is charged with transporting a bb gun, a 17- year-old male from bethesda, maryland, is charged with possessing a bb gun. >> two more funerals today for the victims of last week's deadly drive by shooting in southeast. 19-year-old william jones the third was remembered at the temple of praise church along southern avenue. the service was held for 18- year-old devon boyd. both were shot and killed last tuesday after leaving another funeral. and new information tonight in the investigation into that deadly mine explosion in west virginia. records now show the energy upper big branch mine was sited twice for violating federal safety rules on monday. the day of the blast. we do not know if those citations came before or after the explosion. the associated press is also reporting tonight that the emergency air safety system at the mine was not working on monday and had been broken for
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three months. tonight, rescue crews are drilling holes and trying to vent some of the poisonous gas out of that mine. >> we just can't take any chances of the rescue teams going into an area that could in and of itself cause a problem or explosion. >> we put an exhausting fan on that hole so we can measure the quality of air that is down in the mine. >> 25 miners died in monday's explosion. four others are still missing. you heard it first at 7:00 last night and tonight, we are getting reaction to the governor's plan to bring back confederate history month. >> the first confederate battle flag. >> ed proudly displays the battle flag of the confederacy and the stars and bars. >> my ancestors were part of that, and i take pride in that. >> he embraces the move that governor bob mcdonald
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proclaimed april confederacy month. virginias react with strong emotions. >> that has no place. i know we are virginia, but that is ridiculous that he would do that again and not refer to slavery. this guy is just a real idiot, i think. >> not everything needs to be remembered. it was very painful, unpleasant part of this country's history. >> for the purpose of educating our youth in the history of our country, then i think it's good. >> naacp released this statement. this decision by the governor disrespects history and the people of virginia and is a tragic break from his republican predecessors who acknowledged the painful legacy of slavery. the controversy intensifies as governor mcdonnell issues an apology, for not noting slavery in his proclamation. suray chin, 9news now. we have been asking what
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you think about his decision. so far, 57% agree with him. it's important to recognize this part of virginia's history. the other 43% do not. cast your vote right there on the home page, or perhaps put your thoughts in the mail bag. no history, math, or science, or activities tonight at the university of the district of columbia. the school shut down earlier today because of the heat. the university does have air- conditioning, but it's not quite up and running yet so early in the season. >> the system we have does function. it does take a few dais because of its age to start functioning adequately. >> the cooling system dates back to the 70s and it uses one unit to circulate throughout all eight buildings. the school says it will cost $12 million to upgrade each building. tomorrow, classes aught to be back to normal.
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topper is back with -- >> it may need the heat by friday, so that's what we are talking about in terms of the big temperature change. let's talk about record highs, we broke some more today and we did not downtown. dulles for the third day in a row hit a record high. they were 91 today, shattered their old record of 84. their high at national was 84. so, still well above average for this time of year. no doubt about that. right now, it's warm. 84 at national. 84, in fact, mid 80s to upper 80s as you go up 270 and 86. so again, a nice night to check out the ball game and for tonight, it's going to stay dry. partly cloudy. it will be breezy, still mild. lows in the 60s. winds southwest at 10 to 20. we will come back and talk about a frontal system that rolls through tomorrow. we will talk about when the storms move in. derek. thank you, top. things are getting better, but they are not great. that's the green alert from the
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program today. the group raised its grade for the baby 6 percentage points, but that brings it to 45 on a scale of 100. the bay program says systems need to be put in place to stop so much pollution from running off into the bay's tributaries when it rains. patranya with the hot, sticky ride h home. >> a lot of people have their windows down and things are looking better in terms of traffic on the capital beltway north of the district. it was a crawl here about 20 minutes ago, but the accidents that have cleared out at i-95 on the inner loop and on the outer loop, both of those crashes are off to the side. good news for those heading home on that stretch. on 395, looking good as well. everyone moving at speed now towards the mixing bowl and beyond that, the triangle, still moving incident free. and finally, we are going to wrap it up with a look at your rails. looking good. everyone is running on time.
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after both blue and yellow and orange running delays all afternoon. right now, looking good. if you are headed to the nats game, on the mark line, running about 30 minutes behind schedule. still to come in the right place at the right time, how a family flagged down firefighters to save a little girl. then a little later, changing the rules. a look over a new version of scrabble.
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do not adjust your set, we are just here but they did lose the lights on capitol hill during a hearing in the nation's financial crisis. allen greenspan was testifying when the lights went out. the power was down for 23 minutes, but the committee just opened up curtains, as you can see, they kept on going. no word yet on why the power went out. a consumer alert that may have you changing some dinner plans tonight, perhaps, mccormick spice company is recalling some of its seasoning mixes. they may contain wheat and milk that are not listed on the label. no reports of anybody getting sick. the mixes have a best buy date of january 16, 2012. and a two letter code of ah or ch right after that date. find out why the district is not a bad choice if you want
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to get out on two wheel. plus, topper is back with the break in the hot forecast. we are back in three minutes. stay with us. and just as 9news was the first news to react to the later days, we are proud to be first in the market to offer you an early morning news. join andrea, howard, and angie with the traffic you need before you get going tomorrow at 4:25.
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we're never gonna catch anything. patience, son. ah!
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[ female announcer ] sometimes, you can get so much out of so little. woohoo! [ female announcer ] especially when it comes to charmin ultra soft. its ultra soft design is soft and absorbent. it has so much absorbency, you can use 7 sheets versus 28 of the leading value brand. so your family can get more out of less. mom's never gonna believe this one. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft. enjoy the go. sky 9 out over west virginia today where crews are working to contain a growing brush fire. it's in a forest just across the virginia border. crews are having a tough time reaching that fire because it's in a rocky, hilly area and burned 50-acres and covers 700. the hardy county office of emergency management says a man was burning some trash when he lost control of the fire. there is a burn ban in effect until 4:00 p.m. in west virginia. crews responding to a brush
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fire are being hailed as heros. that fire started yesterday along route 450 at racetrack road. now as the crews were heading back to the fire ems station, 833, they were called into action again. alex picked up the story. > the only mission joshua was thinking about was saving the life of his infant daughter, siani. >> was in the house watching tv and they say, you know, she was having a seizure. >> so he called 911 and started a dash to the hospital with an unconscious baby in the car. but were stopped in their tracks when rescuers arrived. >> we happen to be right there. > engine 33 from the volunteer fire department was returning from a brush fire in bowie. the crew was only a few blocks down fire house road from the emergency. >> it was a matter of being at the right place at the right time. the moment the engine pulled up, the family member rushed over to the fireman. >> the baby was limp, and it's
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a dramatic scene. came up to this door right here and tossed the baby at me. >> i kept panicking. >> did a back blow, did that a few times, assisted breathing, and i got her to spit up whatever she had, started to cry a little bit. >> successful in reviving her and she started breathing on her own. paramedics took her to a nearby hospital. >> it's like the stars align. god was watching out for somebody, you know. it's good. >> it felt good. the guy did an excellent job and i appreciate what he did for me. >> from prince georges county, alex, 9news now. >> now the family tells us that she remains hospitalized at children's hospital, but she is in good condition. she is expected to make a full recovery. first lady, michelle obama is trying to help kids live healthier lives. she took her message to the air waves. >> my whole goal for my kids is to try to get them to think
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about the choices they are going to make in their own lives and i tell them it's not about who they are today, it's about who they want to be when they are 20 and 25. i have them thinking about what kind of mom are you going to be? you know, if you don't know how to feed yourself, how are you going to feed your own kids? it's really about you guys taking responsibility of your own future. >> and you can learn more about healthy eating at look for the lighten up icon on the home page. a nice bike ride can be a good way to get healthy and according to the latest issue of bicycling magazine, the district is not a bad place to take the two wheels. the magazine ranked the city 13th on the list of most bicyclist cities, credited dc to being the first city to have a bike sharing program. added 11 bike lanes over the last couple of years. number one city, minneapolis. i guess is cool for the two months out of the year you can bike there.
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>> they can do it july 4, exactly. good times. >> now, we shift the focus now from this hot weather, well, hurricane. >> well, dr. gray releases his prediction today. it was 91 for a record high at dulles. and you know, we are not too far away. hurricane season begins june 1 and we are in april. let's start with that first, because he is predicting a waning el nino. el nino is on the way out. ten is average. so it's not crazy. but a lot more than usual. >> well, eight hurricanes, but six is average. >> okay. >> and four major hurricanes, but two to three are average. it's not going to be crazy, but much more than last year. we had no hurricanes making land fall in the u.s. we had that early may, tropical depression, then we had nothing until august. again, warm atlantic, that's why he thinks there's going to be a fairly active season.
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we should see. go to our website, and check out my blog. next three days, showers and thunderstorms late tomorrow. i think just in time for the tail end of the evening commute. the morning commute should be dry. we'll be near 80 anyway. 62 on saturday. now tonight, partly cloudy, breezy, and still mild. lows in the 60s, like summer. winds out of the southwest at 10 to 20. 84 manassas. 84 downtown. 72 by the water in annapolis. still 89 in fredericksburg and 86 in cumberland. that is crazy warm for this time of year. pretty warm if we were in the throws of summer. tomorrow morning, increasing clouds, 60s and 70s. winds 15 to 25 and gusty, but dry. by afternoon, here come the showers and thunderstorms. should hold off until late in the day. some could be heavy. some could be severe. high temperatures near 80. winds southwest at 15 to 25. in fact, from about richmond northward into new york and
7:20 pm
into the hudson river valley, we could see a slight risk of severe weather. all right, satellite picture, radar combined, look at the skinny line of showers and thunderstorms, that is intense. headed for detroit and indianapolis, and that's the same front that we'll get in here tomorrow. we are okay now, we are okay tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon and evening, watch out. next seven days, 80 on thursday afternoon. evening storms. cool on friday and saturday and a few lingering clouds on friday and quite nice. partly cloudy, 60. 62 on saturday, bright. a little brisk, yes, but 70 with sunshine on sunday. 70 on monday. a couple sprinkles tuesday and wednesday and a little bit cooler. >> can't get mad at the rain. >> exactly. the pollen is back. >> it is extremely high today and that's on our website. >> thank you, sir. >> let's get to our weird news file. when you think of the american vehicle known as the hummer, the word green doesn't come to mind. that is unless it is this one. this is from new york based artist, jeremy dean, who has
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taken a hummer and somehow made it into a horse drawn carriage. he invested $20,000 into the project. this thing has all the bells and whistles. tv's, five of them, and a booming battery powered audio system. it's all meant to be satirical. unless we can learn a more sustainable part of living, we may not be left with any other option. it is completely covered in chrome. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. 9news now will be right back. of the ford motor company. in an average week in the u.s., thousands of babies are born prematurely. i am proud to be one of the national co-chairs for the 2010 march for babies. together with the u.a.w., we are committed to raising awareness and funding from volunteers like you.
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we are confident that, with your help, we can walk together toward a healthier future for our nation's babies. register today at
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playing the word scrabble
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is not legal at international scrabble championships, but now, using the proper name will get you 14 points if you are playing the board game anywhere but here in the u.s. that's because matel is changing the rules of its game. it's going to start marketing another version in england called scrabble trickster and that will allow proper names, like cities or celebrities. >> so, scrabble has been around for ever. it's the board game of choice for a lot of you. what do you think? was this game overdue for rule changes or are you in the if it ain't broke, don't fix it rowed? e-mail mcginty's mail bag and speaking of the mail bag, in it tonight, airline baggage fees, last night, we reported that spirit airlines will soon begin to charge you $45 for a carry on if it can't fit under the seat and therefore must ride in the overhead bins. devon arlington says i have no problem with that. yup, i'm all for the extra charge for overhead baggage. have you ever gone through turbulence on a plane and had
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those items drop on your head when those compartments flew open? i'm able to snuggle it nicely under the seat in front of me and it will make the plane lighter. maybe they will give us more peanuts or lower ticket prices, which is really the big deal. i'm all for lower ticket prices, but i'm like a lot of the fliers we caught up with yesterday, can't you incollude all that in the produce of the ticket? interestingly though, the other airlines are watching this one carefully to see if we passengers put up a fuss and if we don't, i guess it will be standard. and then there was this regarding the on going coal mine disaster still unfolding in west virginia. robert says this is a good time to think about the sacrifices people make to bring us all this energy. in many ways, the makers display courage and stamina similar to those of our military service members and the products they deliver are essential to our way of life. in particular, those looking
7:27 pm
forward to purchasing electric cars. it's an interesting take, i wonder how many others might agree. the address, that's our report, i'll be back here tonight at 11:00 along with anita brikman. see you later, bye. your pet makes lots of friends. but there's one little friend you don't want him to meet. the flea. just one in your home can turn into thousands-fast, infesting carpets, furniture, even your bed. to stop an infestation, ask for frontline plus. it quickly kills fleas, their eggs, and larvae-even ticks. it's waterproof. and one dose lasts all month long. fleas are nobody's friends. ask for the vet's #1 choice for dogs and cats-frontline plus.
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i'm lucy sykes. i'm a fashion stylist. what i do is dress people for magazines and tv. my job is to hunt down the best fashion and stay on budget. my secret? t.j.maxx. their buyers have their finger on the pulse of what's on trend. they buy directly from designers and you see the savings! i dress fashionistas. but i'm a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you!
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kate gosselin fights back against jon. this is "entertainment tonight." kate's new war of words as her ex files for custody of the kids. what the "dancing" mom is saying to shut jon down. plus, who will get the boot next and is there a new favorite to win it all? the stars sound off about the las vegas odds. >> it's not a sprint, it's a marathon. i want to improve week in and week out. it's hard enough for me and i'm one of the lucky ones. >> bristol palin's controversial teen pregnancy ad. without makeup, but with mom's alaskan teleprompter. is she calling baby tripp a mistake? >> pause, before you play. whitney houston hospitalized. "the latest news," what's forcing her to cancel her concerts? plus, what jim and jenny told us about their surprise split. and sandra bullock's "blind side" son. >> my heart goes out to her.

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